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Amiram Caspi - Artist

As an artist I'm dealing with what I experience as inner landscapes

The ability to express my inner and many times hidden and mysterious layers that are in me - in forms of landscapes on paper - make me a better and genuine man in our world and satisfies the quest to understand my existence not only as a Jewish and Israeli citizen - but connects me to my ancients roots, abilities, desires, notions.  

Amiram caspi – Israeli born artist, working in the fields of interior design and drawings. Studied product design in Chelsea school of art, London.

Completed the design studies in Bezalel art school, Jerusalem. Experienced in architectural model building.

My art and design philosophy

As an interior designer I believe in working with my clients, listening to their stated and hidden needs and expectations, taking into account their budget framework, and coming up with unexpected and inspiring solutions

Ideas, materials, colors, innovative approach, traditional and new techniques, experience in working with professional and unique craftsmen and contractors, existing situation and future aims – are all mixed together in the design process and completion in order to achieve the best design goal.

Changing an unsatisfying existing situation into an inspiring and much suited environment for the clients can give me a great pleasure as a designer and having my clients enjoy a much better space for their living and business life contributes a lot to the joy of professional fulfillment.


As an artist I'm dealing with what I experience as inner landscapes.

Viewing finished drawings is a precious chance to understand and engage myself more deeply into my design work as well.

Solo Exhibitions


Inner Landscapes, Ein Hod artist village gallery

Selected commercial Interior Design works


Beit Hakavan - Authentic Bistro, Jerusalem


Hamotzi - Chef Restaurant, Jerusalem


Basher Fromajerie - Different Branches, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Raanana


Chez Korin - French Restaurant, Tel-Aviv


Nechama Vachetzi - Neighborhood Bistro, Tel Aviv

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