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Ein Hod Exhibition, 2018

Amiram Caspi / inner Landscapes

Curator: Daniella Talmor


Amiram Caspi's exhibition presents "inner landscapes", layers of layers that are made up of different color medias, such as charcoal, pastel, acrylic and watercolors on paper. All the works in the exhibition have been created over the last four years.

Caspi's work process always starts from the horizontal line, and from it a skeleton is created by drawing coal on paper. A painting of a poetic sentence or something of memory that describes a certain moment that  overtakes independence and allows one to observe it. The artist even created various symbols using various materials that mention motifs, which he identifies in the stains created in paintings that are sometimes referred to as trees, houses or people. The paintings have thick horizontal abstract color surfaces of pastel colors and above them a mixture of watercolor and acrylic. They are placed on paper in layers that give the color a volume, in which it drowns, grooves and sometimes even peels. The traces of the horizontal layers of color and the reading of them are what dictate the artist's story, and guide him in his work. The process of laying and treating the layers of color is a kind of trans, symbiosis of the artist and the paper without rational design.

In the same spirit, the artist examines the possibility of connecting different elements while interacting, of sensitivity along with the flow of different energies. Non-measurable energies expressed through colors, shapes, and materials that create change. It is a dynamic of form, color and stain-integrated elements, a reinforcement of the principle of mutual acceptance and mutual opposition. Through his works the artist tries to understand and contain the conscious world and push space and time there. The artist strives to create a synthesis between himself and the social and cultural contexts in the reality in which we live, to return and "document" subconscious events from the past, in order to look differently at the present. It is a quiet, peaceful and uncritical observation of our very existence and the inner pattern of space, a connection between the physical and the conceptual, between the individual and the space.

Amiram Caspi wonders within himself what are the details that make up the horizon lines that make up his works. He says he needs an horizon because it creates a clear separation between heaven and earth. He needs to see where the earth ends, where the heavens begin and where his place is within it.

Amiram Caspi began his studies in industrial design at the Chelsea School of Art in London and completed his studies in Jerusalem at Bezalel. Over the years, he worked in the design of museums and from there moved to the establishment of two businesses that were engaged in the design and manufacture of furniture in a unique design line. The first was called  "Makura", which was characterized by a minimalist Japanese style design and the second "The Barn" characterized by rustic retro design. Today, Caspi divides his time between his home in Neve Ilan and Berlin, and works in art in the studio alongside his work as an independent designer. Over the years he avoided visiting Germany because his father was a Berlin-born Holocaust survivor,  until four years ago he accompanied his daughter to a dance audition in Berlin and was captivated by the city's charm. The beats and rhythm of the city fascinate him. Beyond that, he notes that whole parts of his life that were closed to him suddenly opened up in front of him in this bustling city. These experiences led the artist to engage in the creative world and to paint in a unique style, which is expressed in the works in the exhibition. According to the artist living in Berlin, enabled him to express in his works "the puzzle of my life that makes me, who I am. I draw inner landscapes because these are layers within me that have been revealed to me." Things that were expressed in a way that he later called "inner landscapes".

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